Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream

Summer is almost over, but I had to make sure I made some ice cream before summer came to an end! So here is my #1 ice cream recipe and the how to video and a link to the type of ice cream maker that you see in the video! Good luck with your ice cream!

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Pattern Making Adventure!

Somehow I got it in my head that I want to design sewing patterns. In doing research on the net, I discovered that like everything else IT'S HARD!! Well actually learning anything new may seem hard, but it does get easier as you learn each bit of information.My goal is to create patterns that are simple to use, so that new sewers don't get frustrated (like I have been at times) and have a box full of unfinished sewing projects. If you have seen any of my videos you know that I like to keep it simple. In learning how to make cloth dolls, I gave up with patterns with multiple pieces a long time ago and came up with the perfect (I think) pattern for making cloth dolls. Cut from 2 pieces of fabric, stitch it together and add hair and accessories and you are done! Soon I will have the doll pattern for sale in my etsy shop Now the next step is for me to learn how to make patterns for childrens clothing that people can purchase and they will be super easy and have lots if illustrations.. And just to share with you some of my research if you are into pattern making I have posted links and stuff below. If any of the makers of these products want to send me some samples to test feel free to message me here on Facebook.Have a great day everyone! I will also keep you posted on my progress. All i need is a Pattern Dafter Ruler and some french curves I think Fairgate Pattern Making Ruler Kit DKEMEL Patternmaking method Apparently you cannot buy the pattern drafting template/ruler by itself This is great but almost $400 Good information here desiging stylus Pattern Making Ruler

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make things! Make Money! Enjoy what you do!

Hi Everybody! Sorry I have not posted this week but I am working on some awesome tutorials for you and trying to get ready for an arts and crafts show next week! I know that there are some of you who have learned some great things from my videos and I just wanted to let you know , feel free to use any of the techniques that I show for making things to sell! I have come across a few websites lately and folks show you how to make really cute stuff then they tell you you can't make it to sell only for gifts and such. That is o.k. I guess, but why post to the Internet great ideas then tell folks not to make money?? Strange ! I on the other hand encourage you to make all the money you can, and I would only ask that you drop me an email and let me know how well you are doing!! I love to see you also post pictures of what you make on Thanks again for watching and stay tuned I will be uploading videos soon!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

OMgoodness !! I love this!!

I just love my new knitting machine!!

See how easy it is to make baby hats for fun or to sell. OMGoodness!!!!... I love this device...This is an awesome product. And just to let you know , no I did not get the product for free to review it. I just wanted you my subscribers and viewers to know that. The Addi Express Knitting Machine is well worth the price! I know how to knit and crochet a little bit, and have always wanted to make those cute, adorable hats that you see children wear, but my skills are not that great. And my hand cramps up after too much crocheting...painfully so... WIth this machine you can crank out lots of baby hats in an evening. I took the extra step to decorate them as well. I have checked prices in the store for baby hats and prices range from $8 and up. If you sell 20 or 30 hats you will make back your money on this machine in no time at all.
Here is a great link to how to use the machine and where to buy it...Be sure to tell the folks at paradise that you were referred by me.. maybe they will send me a free box of yarn :)

This video shows you how to start
And this video show you how to get the yarn off the device.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love Pinterest!

Yes, I have joined the pinterest crowd!

Free Paper Doll Giveaway!

My YouTube Free Paperdoll Giveaway!! Yippee I am so excited about this! I thought about doing a giveaway , but I am so sad when I only have one thing to give away! But with this giveaway everyone wins! You don't have to buy anything or pay any money - the paperdolls I am sending you are free!

Here's what you need to do to WIN! Remember everyone WINS!!

1. Become a subscriber! This contest is a way for us to thank my subscribers. So naturally, you would have to be one in order to participate in the contest. It does not matter whether you're a new or old subscriber; anyone can join in on the fun. :)

2. Mail a stamped self addressed business size envelope to me.

3. Make sure you put postage on the envelope at least one US postal stamp , more if you live outside the US.

If you are not sure how to put your envelope together - here is a link to how to

4.The deadline is on Sunday March 31, 2012 midnight CST - YOUR letter must be postmarked by that date. Any letters I receive after that date I will not be able to send any free paper dolls.

5. I will limit the number of folks I mail to -only the first 2000 letters I get will receive the free paper dolls!

Everyone WINS!

p.s. Post and Share and pics of what you make on


Online Shop:




Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to make Handmade Rings

Really cool video on how to make handmade rings! You can make these for yourself, for friends or to give as gifts! Enjoy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cake Pops

OMG....who thought of this!! :) a machine that makes little hot bites of cake!!!

After having a burning desire to make cake pops, I did! I bought a cake pop make from a big box store and the cake balls were too small...sooooooo... I took it back and researched for a better one. Finally found a better one the BABYCAKES cake POP Maker and they came out great! Here are some pics of my cake pops and a link to where you can get a groovy cake pop maker.

Some Quick Tips!
I did not use any cooking spray or oil in my cakepop maker!
I used store bought cake mix
Don't overfill the pan
Try not to eat them all before you get them frosted.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some of my favorite things!

Here is but a small sampling of a few of my favorite things! I love making cake pops and here are some links to things that can help make the task easier.