Start your Own Home Based Hair Bow Business

Many people have asked me about "How to Start Your Own Home Based Hair Bow Business".  I am providing for you you a few videos on the subject. Additional information will be posted throughout the year. Feel free to ask questions.

Handmade Baby Hats are a good addition to your business!


  1. I was wondering where you get your cards with your business name on them printed off? I would love to display my bows on something with our name.

  2. Those are such wonderful crafts! I’m curious if you’re doing a mass production for each design that you make, or is it just a single piece for every design? If it’s so, I applaud your effort and your talent. It can be a good strategy to maintain your clients because they will know that every piece they buy from you was uniquely crafted for them.

    Clint Shaff

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