Friday, September 23, 2016

My New Hairbow Business Course

I am pleased to offer my online courses. For a small fee you can learn and create many new exciting craft projects. Click on the image below to select a course to start with! Learn How to Start Your Own Hair Bow Business. The Hairbow Course is composed of individual short lectures on starting your own hair bow business. The Hairbow Class is self-paced and can be completed at your leisure. Lectures can be completed in sequence or individually. Each lecture ranges from 5 to 10 minutes in length. In this course, you will learn how to get started . . . the equipment you will need, where to buy supplies and how to display the hair bows that you will create. I will be your instructor. I have developed step-by-step lessons that will have you quickly creating beautiful hairbows with minimum time and expense. Why should you register for this course? Because I will show you the simple and easy ways to create beautiful hair bows that look amazing! I share with you my resources for everything from where to get your displays, ribbons, hair hardware and much more. Saving you time, money and energy from running around everywhere trying to but everything you need to create great looking bows or awesome displays. You can watch all the video lectures without advertising pop-ups.

Here is the link 

I Love this ice cream maker

Invited to YouTube Creator Day! June 6, 2015 |

I was a little skeptical a few weeks back when I received an email invite for a Youtube Creator Day in Atlanta, Georgia! But I decided to check it out and go anyway! I figured what the heck it's a good day trip to go to ATL. 
OMG Goodness!!! It was an awesome day!  I can't tell you too much because they would not allow photos and filming in most areas! 
I learned a lot and hope to use all of what I learned to make youtube and our youtube channel even more fabulous!

I also got to meet another youtube creator who I have admired for many years while building my own channel. Miss Tracey of Little Story Bug  She and her husband are wonderful people!  Please visit her channel and subscribe. Sometimes I just watch her videos to de-stress after a long day! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My New Heat Press Machine and Where you can get one too!

My New Heat Press Machine . Short video showing you how I attached my rhinestones for my handmade handbags. It just arrived this saturday and my fedex guy did NOT throw it at my door! He is a good guy my fedex guy! This was my first time using a heat press. I am showing you the process I used, just remember if you get one to be careful, as it gets hot very quickly and it is very heavy. Be sure you have a strong table to set it on! It will take some practice with the heat settings, timer, transfers, etc.. just be sure to practice first! Hope you enjoy this video!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream

Summer is almost over, but I had to make sure I made some ice cream before summer came to an end! So here is my #1 ice cream recipe and the how to video and a link to the type of ice cream maker that you see in the video! Good luck with your ice cream!