The story behind building my own APP from scratch! 

June 26, 2012 After being inspired an app I came across, I thought it would be so cool to build my own app for Sugarplumdolls! Little did I know the frustrations I would face.  I started in Feb 2012 working on the app.  I used a friends computer (who was super patient with me hogging  up their machine) , then had to get a new computer just to run the latest version of Xcode.  I love macs, but this project almost stumped me! 
I was driving around thinking about apps and their functionality all the time , I literally ate, slept and thought about apps for almost 2 months! 

I finally submitted my app to the apple store and waited...and waited....and waited... I was on pins and needles every day. The folks at apple are great and boy do they have a lot of patience. Sadly my first attempt was not approved by apple. They indicated I needed more "user engagement"! Boy was I disappointed.  I was mad and sulking for a few days, but I got over it...  I decided I could make this happen if I tried hard enough :)

So since the end of May I have been working on the latest version.

The folks over at ibuildapp are the greatest!  (and no they are not paying me to say this) They have been so  helpful and patient with me.

I tried other services to help me, even contacting app designers, but the folks at ibuildapp have AWESOME customer service. They don't talk down to you like you are an idiot or something. They are very patient and helpful.

Well today is the day I finished the app, and tested it on my iPhone...OMGoodness it is so cool.. I can't wait to upload it to the apple store and let you know how it went!

You can check out and demo the link here for now!