Friday, June 15, 2012

My Pattern Making Adventure!

Somehow I got it in my head that I want to design sewing patterns. In doing research on the net, I discovered that like everything else IT'S HARD!! Well actually learning anything new may seem hard, but it does get easier as you learn each bit of information.My goal is to create patterns that are simple to use, so that new sewers don't get frustrated (like I have been at times) and have a box full of unfinished sewing projects. If you have seen any of my videos you know that I like to keep it simple. In learning how to make cloth dolls, I gave up with patterns with multiple pieces a long time ago and came up with the perfect (I think) pattern for making cloth dolls. Cut from 2 pieces of fabric, stitch it together and add hair and accessories and you are done! Soon I will have the doll pattern for sale in my etsy shop Now the next step is for me to learn how to make patterns for childrens clothing that people can purchase and they will be super easy and have lots if illustrations.. And just to share with you some of my research if you are into pattern making I have posted links and stuff below. If any of the makers of these products want to send me some samples to test feel free to message me here on Facebook.Have a great day everyone! I will also keep you posted on my progress. All i need is a Pattern Dafter Ruler and some french curves I think Fairgate Pattern Making Ruler Kit DKEMEL Patternmaking method Apparently you cannot buy the pattern drafting template/ruler by itself This is great but almost $400 Good information here desiging stylus Pattern Making Ruler