My Story Hey Everybody!  You’ve either landed on this page either by mistake or accident,you have an interest in fashion or you are following a link from my youtube channel  or website Over the last couple of years I began posting “how-to” arts and crafts videos to show people how easy it is to make things! If I say the response has been overwhelming that would be an understatement. After getting  over  1,000,000 video views  and gaining thousands of subscribers I knew it was time to take the next exciting step! The “ Sew Simple Pattern Project”     I am now ready to take a leap forward and launch my own line of super easy sewing patterns. My plan is  to create super easy sewing patterns, I hope to have my first pattern available for sale online before Christmas  2012 in my etsy shop. I need to raise money to help offset the cost of having my pattern digitized, graded, and  printed ! Why this is important This project is important to me because “I really want everyone” to experience the joy of actually making something with their own two hands”! To create and make is simply human nature! I want  everyone who wants to learn how to sew  to be able to  purchase a pattern, take it home and actually make something cute!  Beginners who want to sew should be able to create something they are proud of without having to have a fashion degree!  So many times people purchase sewing patterns and never end up making anything or start a project and never seem to finish it.    I started researching this project and I've looked at hundreds of sewing patterns, design books made sketches, and samples and finally I have created a few super easy sewing patterns that anyone can make into beautiful children's clothes!  For now I am focusing on children's clothes because they don't required an expensive amount of fabric or materials and most items can be made in an afternoon. With my patterns and basic or little sewing skills almost anyone something very wearable.  Based on the popularity of my youtube channel , many people have learned how to make things and gone on to even create their own small home based businesses, selling hair bows, tutus or dolls.  Another perk with my patterns is that people who purchase a pattern can make multiple items to sell as long as they include one of my  labels into each item! This will allow people who are starting their own business the opportunity to produce a quality product and not worry about the high cost licensing fees and it also will help to supplement my creating more fabulous patterns. What the money is for After speaking with printers, I have learned that print house minimums are 1,000 pieces per style. While the cost per pattern isn’t that high, when you multiply it times 1,000 pieces, it gets expensive really quickly! And that’s just the printed patterns! I also need the instruction sheets and illustrations, as well as photos of the finished items for people to see what they’ll be making. Once totaled, it will cost about $3,500 per design to launch a commercially available Sew Simple Pattern  sewing pattern. For the Sew Simple Pattern Project , I’m hoping to raise $3500, which is enough for me to launch the first  of hopefully an entire collection of sewing patterns! Now, on the off chance that you help me get beyond the first $3500, each additional $3500 raised equals another pattern design. So if I am so lucky as to make my goal, it doesn’t have to end there! No donation is too small! The Perks What better perk can you get  other than the actual pattern?  Depending on your pledge level you will receive  a pattern professionally printed  , a set of paper doll dresses which emulate and give you a sneak peak at my entire collection of patterns, and everyone who donates gets a hand written thank you note from me, as well as acknowledgment on my website. And just to let you know how serious I am about  my Sew Simple Pattern Project If i do not make my goal I will not  keep any of the money, as without the money I cannot create any of the patterns or  the perks!   HOW YOU CAN HELP!: I have had success, inspiration and motivation  with my youtube channel  (please check out my videos and read the comments) but coming up with enough money to launch sewing patterns is beyond my financial means. I am basically a one woman operation. I do all the sewing, creating, crafting, designing, and more all by myself, and while I’ve been doing all the sewing and crafting  for the last few years, I maintain a day job to keep things afloat. I know it’s too much for one woman to do, but I love it and am ready to see it to the next level! No donation is too small, honestly! And while I do need your help with donations, I also need your help to spread the word. Below the video are links you can use to embed the video on your blog, “like” it on your facebook page, or email it to your friends. Super easy, just cut and paste and help spread the word! In addition to my undying gratitude, I’ve created some thank you gifts in exchange for your donation!  If you've made it all the way to the end of reading this page, THANK YOU! Thanks for reading this, watching my video, spreading the word, and donating to kick start my line of sewing patterns.  Thanks so much for your time! Have a lovely day. Other ways you can help! I understand that not everyone has the same kind of money. Right now what money I have goes to all activities of daily living and some left over for crafting.  EVERYONE can help though.  One thing I do know is that publicity is worth way more than people think  If you can tell people about this project, you will help me to make a make a difference! Share this on Facebook, Tweet it, tell or just tell your friends who you know  who like interesting causes and project. It all helps! And the more often people talk about this project the more likely I will reach my goals and their will be a lot of well dressed children running around in beautiful clothes made with love! 1. Facebook: Support and my campaign to launch a line of sewing patterns! Check out my  page and the great incentives! - Like my facebook page at 2. Twitter: Help launch her first line of sewing patterns & pick up some great rewards for yourself! - Check out my twitter page at!/sugarplumdolls 3. 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