Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make things! Make Money! Enjoy what you do!

Hi Everybody! Sorry I have not posted this week but I am working on some awesome tutorials for you and trying to get ready for an arts and crafts show next week! I know that there are some of you who have learned some great things from my videos and I just wanted to let you know , feel free to use any of the techniques that I show for making things to sell! I have come across a few websites lately and folks show you how to make really cute stuff then they tell you you can't make it to sell only for gifts and such. That is o.k. I guess, but why post to the Internet great ideas then tell folks not to make money?? Strange ! I on the other hand encourage you to make all the money you can, and I would only ask that you drop me an email and let me know how well you are doing!! I love to see you also post pictures of what you make on Thanks again for watching and stay tuned I will be uploading videos soon!


  1. How do we send you an email? I don't see a link.

  2. Hi, my email address is sugarplum

  3. I Sugar Plum! I just came across your info this morning on YouTube while searching for other things. I watched your video on "How to start your own bow business". It caught my eye as I made some bows for my adult daughter to wear as part of their required attire as a waitress.

    I love the way they came out and I was thinking of adding this to the other crochet/craft stuff I do. Thanks for the ideas you discussed in your video.

    Like you, I have NO idea why other crafters/designers post their patterns online and then put restrictions on what you can do with what you've learned and to sell those items if you so choose to do so. I was so upset after I bought a pattern for a crochet doll only to get to the end of the instructions stating for personal use only; do not sell your finished item!